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Common Questions

What's Brandkit?

Brandkit is brand and digital asset management software as a service. It's a single place in the cloud to securely store and always find all your marketing resources and digital content.

How do I reserve my company or brand name?

There can only be one use of each unique subdomain for the web to work. Once a name is registered it can't be used again. So just sign-up for a Free trial account with the subdomain you want to reserve.

We recommend you signup as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment.

What if someone else has already registered my name?

If you can show why you should legitimately have the name, we may be able to give you control of it. However if the name is already in use commercially this may be very difficult or impossible.

Is there any cost to reserve a name?

No there is no cost to sign-up for a Free Trial Account (thereby reserving a name).

What happens to the reservation once the trial ends?

If the trial period ends, and you don't wish to take up a paid account (there is no obligation to), we may not be able to hold your reservation, if a paying customer wants to register the same name.

Can I use a subdomain of my own main web address instead?

Yes, you can use something like http://images.mybrand.com. However (1) you still will need a something.brandkit.io subdomain as well (although it will be less important, and most likely not seen by your users) and (2) will need to be configured for you by Brandkit support staff and your domain name DNS manager. This is typically a paid option - so some additional fees may apply.

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